Dragon RollercoasterThe benefits of a company picnic or recognition party at the Dodge County Fair are significant. Picnics and recognition parties increase morale and makes your people feel appreciated. It opens the interaction between executives and employees in a non-intimidating environment. Company picnics also allow employees to network within the company, with other employees that they might not interact with on a daily basis.

Reserving a tent is an affordable option for clubs and organizations to recognize their volunteers with all the fun of a day at the Fair. There is a wide variety of educational activities, entertainment, family friendly rides and games to enjoy. A dedicated, reserved tent with seating will be set-up to host your event.

Vital reasons to hold a company picnic or recognition party;

  1. Morale. Employees tend to lose interest in their jobs if they are not given more reasons other than the equation hard work = more money to keep them working for a company. Recreations such as company picnics will let them know there is definitely more to the company than serious business. This can stimulate them to work even harder and all the more efficiently in anticipation of the next company events.
  2. Appreciate. People tend to respond positively to appreciation. When a company shows its appreciation for its employees through recreational events like corporate picnics, they are sure to give more back to the company when they return to the workplace the following week.
  3. Commitment. It is not the employees’ sole purpose to show commitment to the company. The company should also be able to show its commitment to its employees by organizing fun and entertaining events like company picnics. Allowing them to invite family members will let them know that you are aware and committed to the fact their lives do not just revolve around their jobs.
  4. Interaction. Employees don’t always get to interact at the workplace sometimes due to the overflowing pile of work to be done. Company picnics are a great way to foster a spirit of camaraderie among employees so they can better know the kinds of people they are dealing with and learn the right and proper way to deal with them.
  5. Teamwork. Giving employees a chance to get to know each other can also give them a chance to know the value of working together. It is an absolute asset to a company when its employees are all willing to work together towards the attainment of a single goal, than working against each other for their own personal gains.
  6. Stress Reduction. Of course, the most vital reason why companies should invest in annual company picnics is the fact that it will reduce the stress of both management and employees and get them ready to face another year of hard work, efficiency and eventual excellence.

Family friendly and affordable, company picnics and recognition parties are easy when held at the Dodge County Fair!

Afternoon and evening options available throughout the Dodge County Fair, August 14-18, 2013. Contact Sharon Keil for more information or start now to reserve 2014 dates;

Sharon Keil
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