Dodge County Junior Fair

August 14-18, 2013

Department – 23  Electricity

Place  Name  City/State  Club/Farm Name

Class A – Magic of Electricity

Lot 2 – Circuit Board/6″x8″max

1st – Micah E Alderden  Beaver Dam, WI  Trenton Highlights

Lot 4 – Question Board (DryCell)

2nd – Bryce  Eckhardt  Watertown, WI  Richwood Rangers

Class B – Investigating Electricity

Lot 3 – Rocket Launcher

1st – Orion L Krause  Beaver Dam, WI  Leipsic

Class C – Wired for Power

Lot 1 – Fuse Display

1st – Brianna K Lerwick  Beaver Dam, WI  Leipsic

Lot 10 – Other homemade elec.equip

1st – Solomon  Vana  Reeseville, WI  Lakeside

Class D – Entering Electronics

Lot 3 – Any Homemade Electrical Equip.

1st – Matthew T Torkelson  North Prairie, WI  River Oaks



05250 Orion Krause (Rocket Launcher)  Leipsic

End of Report