Advertise your business in front of thousands of Dodge County Fairground attendees for the 2014 race and fair season. With so many advertising options to choose from, we have something for almost every advertising budget.

Regardless of the size or location you choose, you’re going to get a tremendous value for your advertising dollar. One low payment will get you a full year’s worth of advertising exposure in front of thousands of fairground patrons. You just can’t beat the value!

Pernat Haase Meats Truck Pull Sponsorship

Pernat Haase Meats Truck Pull Sponsorship

I would like to extend this opportunity for you to partner with the Dodge County Fairgrounds for the 2014 season. This year, the Fairgrounds will have more than 50 events and welcome over 90,000 visitors!

Various events held at the Dodge County Fairgrounds include The Dodge County Fair, auto races, motorcycle races, educational classes, car shows, 4-H events, The Shrine Circus, automobile dealer sales, appliance sales, flea markets, events like model airplanes, kite flying and more.

The Dodge County Fairgrounds has been a staple in the area for affordable family fun for many years. This captive audience will see your message in a dynamic, unique and attentive environment that will help brand your name, products, and service.

Sponsors will be featured and linked from our website and social media pages. Additional opportunities include can wraps, the scoreboard, building naming rights, tent with reserved seating sponsorships, display space for product sampling and sales, mentions on radio, print, social media and more.

Contact me today to discuss how I can customize a package to fit your marketing needs and set the stage to put your business in the spotlight in 2014! I look forward to working with you!

Paul Clements
Marketing Representative
Dodge County Fair Association
[email protected]


The Dodge County Fair Association has again hired Paul Clements of Beaver Dam, WI to represent us in our marketing efforts. These will include the sale of sponsorships, various forms of advertising and similar promotional ideas. As has been the case in the past, your suggestions and ideas are always welcome.

Paul has over 22 years of marketing experience including radio, newspaper, and marketing in general. Paul grew up in Fox Lake, has lived in Beaver Dam since 1993 and knows the people and businesses of the area well.

The first step is to work with Paul and determine a program that best suits your business for the 2014 season. Paul will ask you to sign a contract. This contract will be forwarded to the Fair Association for acceptance.  All invoicing and payments will be handled through the Fair Association.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Doug Ninmann – President
Dodge County Fair Association