The Dodge County Fair Association is excited to announce the performance of one of Texas’s best guitarists, Granger Smith on Thursday, August 18th at 8pm. There will be no reserved seating arrangements or advance single tickets.  All general admission seats are served on a first come, first served basis. Free parking, concerts and family-friendly shows available upon payment of an general admission fee at the gate.

Concerts are FREE with paid Gate Admission of $7 before 2pm or $10 after 2pm. Age 9 and under FREE. Pay only $5.40 a day with purchase of a season pass, $27 before August 17th and $35 there after at the gate. Tickets will be available starting July 11th and can be purchased at most Dodge County Banks, Recheks Food Pride, Beaver Dam Piggly Wiggly or at the Fairgrounds Office.

Since breaking into the music industry at the age of 15, Granger Smith has been set on his vision of proving a bunch of people wrong . He has worked from the ground up with a goal of not just being an artist, but also a brand. After filming a funny video in Central Texas where his parents stay, Smith got a means of promoting his music as the video went viral and shaped his career.

See Granger Smith LIVE in concert Thursday, August 18th at 8pm

featuring Earl Dibbles Jr. on the grandstand stage

With his country boy alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr., Granger wrote Dirt Road Driveway, a piece that has come to define his strong conviction and a sense of style quite different from what most enthusiasts have become used to when it comes to the genre. His breaking out was largely seen as testimony to the fact that contemporary culture appreciates even what goes beyond the commonplace.

While Dirt Road Driveway stood at number one on iTunes countdown in April 16,2013, Granger Smiths success was quickly followed by the release of 7 studio albums, a single live album and 2 EP’S. He signed his first ever recording deal in 2015.

In his song called “Sleeping”, Smith muses about feeling different and seeing the world from a different set of eyes from the past.

In his bio, Granger Smith says that the music industry has taught him that one cannot really choose life as he is the life itself, an un-escapable truth that applies to everyone no matter what they do or say to refute it.

“Backroad Song” is the lead single from Granger’s highly anticipated new album, REMINGTON, available everywhere March 4, 2016!