Shane Voss, Founder and President of the Badger State Large Cars and Big Rigs connected with another truck driver over conversation at a 2016 event.  Rob Hallahan of LaCrosse, Wisconsin and Voss connected over many great stories of the road.  One story, however, didn’t sit well with Voss.  Hallahan had shared a story of a poor experience he had with another show.  He traveled far to be the featured attraction, only to be disappointed.  Hallahan’s experience was not what he expected and his truck did not receive the exposure that he had been promised.

Voss wanted to spin the bad experience into a positive one, by inviting him to be the featured truck at the 2017 Badger State Truck Show at the Dodge County Fairgrounds.  He looks forward to properly showcasing Hallahan’s 2006 Kenworth W900 in Beaver Dam.

Rob and his 2006 Kenworth W900 will be traveling to the Dodge County Fairgrounds on July 28-30, 2017.  Rob’s truck, along with 300 other semi-truck tractors and trailers will be available for viewing for the duration of the free three-day event.  This is the first event of its kind held at the fairgrounds.

Hallahan says, “Driving truck to me is more like a hobby than a job, because I have fun doing this and love helping others, so they can enjoy it.  I take a lot of pride in this job and in my truck.”

Rob is passionate about trucking, as well as his family.  His wife Karen is his biggest supporter, with whom he has six children and two grandchildren.  Rob has been driving truck for twenty-five years.  His career on the road started in 1990 as a Coca-Cola delivery driver.  Then, in 1997, he began hauling a petroleum tanker.  Fifteen years later, he switched to van freight.  Passionate about the road, Rob now has his own motor carrier authority and has logged over four million miles.  He has always enjoyed show trucks and looked up to those who drove them.  Now he’s living his dream.

His truck has drove 1.3 million miles and Rob is continuously upgrading and improving it.  Hallahan is based out of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, but drives all over the United States.

by Jamie Adcock author of and