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Entries for the dairy products division are judged prior to the fair at Rechek’s Food Pride in Beaver Dam, WI by a representative from the Department of Grading and Inspection Service. However, they are still displayed at the fair. The public is welcome to observe the judging process with free admission at Rechek’s on Monday before the opening of the Dodge County Fair. Each entry in the nine different classes of cheese should be not less than one cheese or more than three — weighting 10 or more pounds, but try to maintain the minimum entry weight of 10 pounds. All Cheese will be judged on a standard scale of 100, taking flavor, body and texture, finish, color, makeup and appearance, salt, eye development, and/or package into consideration — depending on the variety of cheese. All exhibits must be truly characteristic of the varieties they represent. View the open-class exhibitor book for important details and exceptions regarding this particular division.

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