Join the Fair Festivities; Exhibit in Open Class

The Dodge County Fair Association invites you to showcase your interests and talents by exhibiting in Open Class at the Dodge County Fair. Entry areas include: Dairy and Beef Cattle, Crops, Vegetables, Apiary, Dairy Products, Flowers and Plants, Foods, Clothing, Knitting, Crocheting, Home Furnishings, Cultural Arts, [...]

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Woock wins champion ribbons from turning scrap metal into art

Robert Woock, Waupun FFA and Burnett 4-H, grew up on his family’s farm. As is typical of a working farm, there’s always scrap metal lying around. “One day, my older sister and I started welding things together, and now my Mom has a yard full of [...]

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Ribbon Cutting of New Commercial Building for the 2018 Dodge County Fair

The 2018 Dodge County Fair kicked off on Wednesday morning with a new structure settled among familiar midway rides and outdoor stages and exhibits. The west side of the Dodge County Fairgrounds now features a new 60 ft by 124 ft commercial building. Construction broke ground [...]

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Grosenick conquers health issues with skills she exhibits at County Fair

Shelly Grosenick, Lebanon, started canning foods in 4-H when she was a child, but she never imagined it would come in so handy as an adult. “I took food preservation in 4-H while growing up. My Mom cans, my Grandmas canned -- it’s a family thing,” [...]

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Public invited to compete as an Open Class Exhibitor

School is out, graduation parties are wrapping up, and the 2018 Dodge County Fair Open-Class Exhibitor Book has officially been released. The general public is invited to exhibit everything from art, craft projects, and photography to canning, baking, and much more in the open-class division at [...]

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Commercial Exhibit Building under construction for 2018 County Fair

This year’s Dodge County Fair attendees will notice a much-needed building on the west side of the fairgrounds this summer. Construction of a new commercial exhibit building is currently underway. The 60 ft by 120 ft structure will showcase dozens of vendors and businesses at the [...]

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