The Dodge County Fair Association is a State of Wisconsin Corporation formed for the purpose of operating a fairgrounds, which is presently located four (4) miles east of the city of Beaver Dam on State Highway 33 on 40 acres of land, which the Corporation owns.

The Corporation was established by a group of interested persons who sold shares of stock for $10.00 each. This stock has no par value, only voting rights. This is a non-profit organization. Stock is still available for $10.00 and gives the holder the opportunity to participate in the annual stockholders meeting.

The Association elects 9 people to a Board of Directors whose job it is to conduct the business of the Fair Association. The Board of Directors consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer and 5 additional members. The main purpose of this Board is to organize and conduct a County Fair. Additional jobs include conducting and organizing any other business that may occur on the fairgrounds.