The Dodge County Law Enforcement Explorer Post would like to once again make you aware of a service to help in making your experience at the Dodge County Fair enjoyable and hassle free.

The Explorer Post, which is a group of young men and women age 14-21 that are pursuing a career in law enforcement, will once again be patrolling the parking lots during the evenings at the Dodge County Fair. The Explorers will be highly visible driving John Deere Gators and will be wearing their reflective vests. They will be out there to help you, so feel free to flag them down if you need assistance with your vehicle, if you need a ride somewhere, or if you lost someone or something. They will also be keeping an eye on your vehicles for you while you are enjoying the fair.

The Explorers will also be the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Deputies on the grounds. They will be on the look out for fence jumpers, underage drinking, and other illegal activity. They will be in constant radio communication with the Sheriff’s Department and will relay anything they come across to the Sheriff’s Department. This also means that if you see something and can’t find a Sheriff’s Deputy, let an Explorer know.

You can always contact the Explorers by phone at (920) 245-1050 between the hours of 6pm and 11pm. An Explorer will answer your call and do their best to help you. If it is a matter that law enforcement should handle, they will relay it to the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department. Of course if you see something that is an emergency call 911, or you may also call the Sheriff’s Department through the non-emergency number (920) 386-3726.

Have a great time at the Dodge County Fair and the Explorers would like to remind you, please drink responsibly and always use a designated driver.

More information on the Dodge County Law Enforcement Explorer Post can be found at