Hundreds of semi-truck tractors and trailers will be taking over the Dodge County Fairgrounds on July 28-30 during the inaugural Badger State Truck Show.  Hosted by Badger State Large Cars and Big Rigs, more than three hundred big rigs will be on showcase.  Stop out for this free event and hear stories of the road from hundreds of “truckers” who are so passionate about what they do.

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The three day event will include several family-friendly activities and entertainment.  A children’s play area, shopping from local vendors and food vendors and free truck rides will be available the entire weekend.  Six trucks will be offering free truck rides simultaneously on the Fairgrounds track.

Local vendors will be on hand for shopping and testing.  Current vendors include:  Norwex, Thirty-one, Mary Kay, Plexus, Paparzzi, Jamberry, It Works, Pampered Chef and more.  Additional vendors from the trucking industry also will be available.

On Friday evening a fun, trucking costume contest will be held.  Attendees will also enjoy live music from Bill Weaver on Friday night, a “trucker” and upcoming musician.

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Saturday night, fans will be delighted by the main event – semi tractor pulls on the Dodge County Fairgrounds track.

Shane Voss, Founder and President of the Badger State Large Cars and Big Rigs and The Badger State Truck Show, states that their mission is “to create a show for everyone, while putting a good spin on all involved in the trucking industry and community”.

Some of the funds raised from this event will be donated to one large charity and one local family in need.  The cause and charity for 2017 have not yet been determined.

If you are interested in volunteering, sponsorship opportunities or being a vendor at this exciting, inaugural event, please contact Amanda Yager at 920-344-4113 or [email protected].  Many opportunities are still available.

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