The trees in Beaver Dam may have recently lost their leaves now that the cooler weather is upon us.  However, during the Dodge County Fair season, attendees are often seeking shade and relief during the hot summer months. Several trees were removed recently due to tree disease and the non-profit Fair Association would like your help with improving the environment throughout the facility.

The Donate a Tree program was organized to provide shade and improve landscaping at the Dodge County Fairgrounds. Trees will be planted annually in the spring or fall. Sponsored trees will also feature a small sign, identifying sponsorship or loved one. Brehm’s Wonder Creek Nursery will be planting mature, quality trees at the Fairgrounds.  Brehm’s is located just southwest of the Dodge County Fairgrounds and has fifty years of quality service and horticultural knowledge in the area. All shade trees are produced onsite at the nursery.

Loved ones should consider sponsoring a tree in memory or honor of a loved one this holiday season. Organizations, clubs and companies are also encouraged to sponsor a tree. Signage will be included next to each tree throughout the busy fair season for many years to follow.

One tree has been sponsored by a local family in honor of their family member.  Four more trees have already been professional planted and are awaiting sponsorship during this holiday season.

Orders should be placed before March 15 for spring planting and September 1 for the fall planting season.

To sponsor a tree, please send $250/tree and a notation for sign inscription to:
Dodge County Fair Association
P.O. Box 654
Beaver Dam, WI  53916

Inquiries may be directed to Dale Norenberg at 920-885-3586 or [email protected].

by Jamie Adcock author of and