Fundraising underway to finish pig-barn upgrade

Last year, the 4-H and FFA Meat Animal Sale Committee worked tirelessly to raise funds and replace half the old swine pens in the pig barn at the Dodge County Fairgrounds. It’s time to replace the second half, and your help is needed! Brush up on [...]

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Shade Trees Awaiting Sponsorship this Holiday Season

The trees in Beaver Dam may have recently lost their leaves now that the cooler weather is upon us.  However, during the Dodge County Fair season, attendees are often seeking shade and relief during the hot summer months. Several trees were removed recently due to tree [...]

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Jones family first to sponsor new shade tree

Michelle Jones, Sun Prairie, was browsing Facebook one day when a post in her home feed looking for tree sponsors at the Dodge County Fairgrounds caught her attention. “I saw the add on Facebook and thought it was a great opportunity for our family,” commented Michelle. [...]

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4-H and FFA youth raise more than $15,000 for new swine-barn gates

A record 48 teams competed in 10 rounds of trivia ranging from pig facts, to Disney-movie characters, to sports trivia at the Meat Animal Sale Livestock Trivia Night fundraiser on Saturday, March 18, at Dodgeland High School in Juneau. More than $15,000 was raised to help [...]

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Trivia fundraiser to benefit pig barn at Dodge County Fair

Brush up on your favorite trivia board games, assemble your team, and prepare to wow the audience with your knowledge at the March 18, 2017, Meat Animal Sale Livestock Trivia Night. The popular fundraiser will help raise money for new gates in the pig barns during [...]

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Grandstand improved with Schweitzer Spray Coatings

Rain and ice were starting to wear on the main grandstands. Several leaks developed allowing rain water to enter the building and if not addressed could have caused damage to the structure. President, Doug Ninmann worked with Schweitzer Spray Coatings of West Bend, WI to patch leaks [...]

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Donated Pavilion replaces tent at American Legion Bar

A new building has been erected at the Dodge County Fairgrounds. According to Fair Association director Dale Norenberg, the new building called the Legion Pavilion will replace the Beaver Dam American Legion “Beer Tent.” Pictured above in front of the completed building are Sharon Keil, Fair [...]

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New Blacktop Roads welcome County Fair Attendees

It's a lot smoother around the Fairgrounds lately, General Asphalt of Beaver Dam paved over many of the rough, dusty gravel roads.  Three complete roads, one partial and several patches have been laid in several places on the grounds.  The newly paved roads will reduce dust, [...]

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